Cheers to my second shot at starting a blog! Two years ago I was a 22-year-old, happy as a clam, about to start a new journey in Penn State. I was anxious about the unknown and the fact that my home, family, and friends were going to be 6,000 miles away from me did not help. I had a dream and I needed to follow it. Because I wanted to show everyone how much I appreciated them I started this blog. I wrote about how much they meant to me and promised weekly posts about my experience so it would feel like we were together the whole time. Guess how many posts I had from July 2010 to July 2012. No, not one! Have some faith in me! I had three! I don’t think I’m great at writing about my awesome days or nights away from home, I choose to spend my time living them and then reliving them in my head over and over again. I guess I’m not the kind who likes to relive them on paper or on my computer screen; but believe me they’re pretty vivid in my head.

What else could I write about, if I’m not so crazy about writing my exciting trip to New York City? Last night it came to me, I love food; I love making food and I love eating food but most importantly I love sharing food. Not the one on my plate though, I’ll give you your own plate. Why not write about food? Why not share some recipes I’ve created and some I’ve adapted from cookbooks? The idea got me really excited and I started working on transforming my old blog (You could barely call it a blog) and turn it into a brand new beginning. I like beginnings, they’re full of hope. So I will be giving this whole blogging thing another chance and I have a feeling that this time it’s going to be awesome!

Who knows what this blog will grow into, but as of now here are the ideas I have and will be working on:

—♣ I’m Turkish, which means I grew up with delicious Turkish food and love making them. I want to tackle some very traditional Turkish dishes at home, some will stay exactly the same, some will be tweaked in order to make the ingredients easier to find in the States, and some will be a blend of cultures.

♣— I’m also very health conscious. In fact my first idea for the blog was to have a healthy food blog, but aren’t there like a thousand of them out there? Plus, they’re pretty good, no need to try to match them. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have great healthy food ideas. So I want to share my eating habits, creations, and recipes.

♣— Lastly, because I’m a cookbook freak, I thought I would show you my attempts to try those delicious recipes in cookbooks. We all know that sometimes they turn out exactly the way it was pictured in the book, but sometimes you’re not even sure if you messed up pages or something since yours looks nothing like theirs. I will definitely let you know if a recipe is a keeper.

Like I said, who knows how this page will look in 6 months, but right now it’s an exciting beginning and I’m dying to share my kitchen with you!


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