Cornerstone Café

One of our favorite restaurants with Callie is Cornerstone Café in East Village. We found this place by total accident. It was one of our trips to NYC and I yelped the city for a nice breakfast place. We were hoping to find a place closer to where we were staying but since this café had a lot of great reviews we decided to give it a try. Oh my god, are we glad that we did! It is by far the best food and atmosphere. Especially their pancakes with the orange blossom honey is the most delicious thing I’ve ever put in my mouth! Yup! I wish I had a picture of the pancakes but hopefully we will make another visit soon and I will come back with mouth watering images.

The last time we were there, we had one of our ‘creepy twins’ moments with Callie. Without consulting with each other we ordered the exact same things, and as you can guess that was not the first time it happened. We both got the pasta with pesto sauce and let me tell you, this might be the best pasta with pesto I’ve had in a restaurant. Normally the pesto is too oily and way too much that its almost a pesto soup with pasta in it. Which is unpleasant to eat and not that good for you. This one had the best ratio, all the pasta was covered with the sauce but not overwhelmingly, the fresh tomato on top was a great addition as well.

Although I am hesitant to promote this place with the fear that it is going to get too crowded to find a table (It’s a pretty small space) I still want to recommend it to anyone who’s around East Village, or just visiting NYC.

Cornerstone Café

17 Avenue B

New York, NY 

Yessss! We finally made another visit to Cornerstone Café last weekend for breakfast and I got my favorite pancakes (banana walnut) and the famous orange blossom honey on top of it. Heaven. I promise you there is a heaven on earth and its this place when you order the pancakes. They shouldn’t even call them pancakes, just CAKE because that’s what they are. They’re so thick and spongy t

hat I believed I was eating cake.

Callie got the waffles (waffles are her favorite thing in the world) with berries and bananas. Everything looked so yummy and once we started eating no one was talking because there were more important things to; like stuffing our faces without taking a breath in between. Make sure you try this place. My goal is to taste everything on their menu. And I know one day I will achieve that goal!


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