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Nailed It!

4 Apr

IMG_2558I don’t think it’d be fair to show you only the good things I make in the kitchen. As you know I LOVE searching recipes online and trying them. They usually turn out good. Some great, some acceptable; but this one was a first, it was an absolute disaster. I don’t know what I did wrong, probably a wrong ingredient (I’m suspicious of the “Coconut Cream Concentrate” I used) but everything just fell apart. Actually no, they were never together anyway. The chocolate cake was good, I ended up eating that part the rest of the week but there wasn’t any “cream” with some density to be rolled inside the cake. If you are brave and want to give it a try, here is the link to the recipe:

I follow the Spunky Coconut ( and there are many many great recipes. I’ve tried them and loved them, but this particular one did not work. So it proudly goes to my “Nailed It!” folder.


Restaurants Tab!

24 Aug

If you haven’t checked out already, you should click on the restaurants tab on the menu above to see my latest post. I apologize if you were expecting a recipe, this week is going to be a restaurant review kind of thing 🙂

Also you should take a look at my best friend’s new blog:

She’s the funniest and prettiest!

Freezing Bananas

17 Aug

I make smoothies almost every day. It’s a great way to end a workout session and they taste so good! Especially when you make them at home. I used to put bananas as they were, sitting on my kitchen counter all warm and soft. Not that there is anything wrong with it. But once I read somewhere that you could use frozen bananas, I gave it a try and I’ve been hooked every since. It’s not that hard to freeze bananas, but I just wanted to write a post about it because if you’re not used to doing it you might struggle about whether to peel the banana before you put in the freezer or after. Just like my bestie Callie 🙂 You don’t have to jeopardize your fingers, simply peel off the skin of the banana before you freeze them.

All you need is a few bananas and plastic wrap.

Simply peel off the bananas and put them on a piece of plastic wrap you ripped. Make sure the plastic wrap is big enough to cover the whole banana.

Wrap the bananas with the plastic wrap and stack them in the freezer. Whenever you’re making a smoothie, take a banana out, unwrap it (if there is some ice on it, don’t wash it off, let it stay on) cut it into small pieces and add it to your blender. It helps the smoothie get thicker and colder!