Chocolate Orange Layer Cake

24 Sep

Yesterday was Callie’s 23rd birthday (She keeps saying she’s old, so if anyone wants to punch her in the face, I will allow it) and we started celebrating during the week, taking advantage of every happy hour and deal we could find. Friday night was filled with too much food at Diablo Royale that kept me up all night because of the amount I ate without thinking. The incredible selections of tea we had at DavisTea right after Mexican food helped though! Callie had the birthday cake with milk and I had the roasted marshmallow with milk, both were so good! Next time we’re trying forever nuts šŸ™‚

During all the craziness of birthday celebrations I was sneaking back home to bake a layer cake for her. I finished it in the course of two days and let me tell you it was a bumpy ride. I wasn’t too crazy about the first set of cakes that came out so I decided to do one more. I was scared I wouldn’t have enough filling for the whole cake but there was plenty for each layer.

I first tried Martha Stewart’s chocolate layer cake recipe only for the cake recipe, not the filling or icing, which you can find hereĀĀ I can’t really say it is the best recipe for chocolate cake because there is too much sugar in it and the fact that it doesn’t ask for any cocoa makes it a little less tasty. I thought a 4oz bar of dark chocolate it asks for would make it really chocolately but I was wrong.

The second batch I made from this recipeĀĀ was way better than the first one. Super chocolately with a great dark brown color and a more spongy cake. I ended up making the orange filling and the chocolate glaze from this recipe as well. I added some chopped fresh oranges and candied orange peels to the filling which made the whole cake heavenly. So you can add up stuff like that if you’d like; fruits or nuts. I also made the candied orange slices on top of the cake which is easier than you think it would be! And so much fun!

I’m so happy that it turned out delicious. If you’re up for a little challenge and you have the time, give it a try! You can click on the links above and just follow the recipes. I highly recommend the second one, that is the darker cake you see in the pictures and I think it tasted better too. If you make two batches of that one, you will get the 4 layer cake.

I did a little bit of trimming in the pursuit to have a well balanced cake without any tilts but since this is my first time doing something this big I wasn’t very successful with that; the cake had a little bit of a tilt but it holds up really nicely if you let it all chill in the fridge for at least a couple of hours. We actually had it in there over night so it was firm and moist at the same time.

And this is the birthday girl, looking all happy for her CAKE! Happy birthday honey bee!


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